McGarf Laser Alignment System - for mark-ups in underground mining

McGARF Laser Alignment System

Mark-up faces in underground mining quickly and easily

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McGarf Laser


Class 3A laser Product:             
Wavelength:          645 - 665nm         
Power Output:       3mW 1mW       
Spot Size at 20m: 10mm 2mm   
Divergence:           0.6mrad
Collimating lens:   10mm aspherical plastic

  • Size 125mm long (o/a) x 20mm diameter.
  • Anodised marine grade aluminium housing and stainless steel spigot.
  • Class 3A LASER.
  • Self on/off switching.
  • Dust & water resistant.
  • Small & compact.
  • Battery and belt pouch included.
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McGARF Side-wall Mounting Alignment Laser
Long range laser Features:
  • Size 150mm long x 34mm diameter
  • Anodised Aluminium Housing
  • 3 x Class 3A Lasers
  • Remote control on switch
  • Timed off switch
  • Dust & water resistant
  • Coarse/fine adjustments
  • Lightweight; ~ <800g
The McGARF Wall/Back-Mounting Alignment Laser MK4 has been designed for use in drives/drifts that extend beyond the scope of the McGARF Alignment Laser.

The instrument can be fixed either on the back, on a curve or on the side wall, preferably at least 3 metres off the ground to protect it from being damaged.

The instrument has a coarse adjustment and a fine adjustment facility which makes it very easy to set up the line and grade.

It also has two lasers which are used for auditing purposes. One laser points to the back and the other to the opposite wall. Where they strike, the surfaces are marked by the surveyor and can then be used as a check to make sure that the instrument has not been knocked off line.

The main beam is set to come on for approximately 6 minutes and it will automatically turn off, the other two beams come on for 60 seconds, thus saving battery life. It can be easily reactivated if still needed.

The battery can be replaced when flat without removing the instrument from the wall.

The McGarf Wall/Back-Mounting Alignment Laser is remotely controlled by a hand-held transmitter with a range of up to 60 metres.

The advantage of this instrument is that it can be relocated easily and does not require the use of a cumbersome 12V car battery.

Carry case included.

Available for use in Australia.

Price (including Remote Control and angle bracket) POA

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McGARF Grade Line Laser
Grade line laser With the McGARF Grade Line Laser, a miner or a supervisor can mark the grade lines on the side walls.

The McGARF Grade Line Laser will also give you a levelled horizontal line at the same height as the laser dot on the front wall.

How it is used:

Install the the McGARF Alignment Laser into the sleeve and this will send a laser dot, on line and grade, to the front face.

Place the McGARF Grade Line Laser on to the McGARF Alignment Laser, level it using the spirit bubble and lock it in place.

Turn on the grade line laser.

The laser line will either be above or below the dot on the front wall.

Using the adjustment screw, line up the laser line with the dot.

Once this has been done, you now have a level line across the front face and a grade line down both side walls.

Using this equipment, marking the grade lines can now be done by anyone.

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Accessory Pack Contains:
  • 3 wall sleeves
  • Grout
  • Grout Tamper
  • Drill Bit
  • Sleeve Location Marker
  • Battery.
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Wall Sleeve Features:
  • Size 90mm long x 11mm diameter.
  • Brass housing.
  • Comes with a dust and water resistant cap with twine for securing to the wall.
Available in packs of 25 or packs of 50.

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Sleeve Location Markers Features:
  • Used for locating and protecting sleeves.
  • Comes with SAA Safety Warning/Reminder in Black letters on a Yellow Anodised Aluminium Plate.
Available in packs of 10 or packs of 25.

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Universal Drill Bit Features:
  • 16mm dia 150/210 masonry.

    (14mm dia on request)

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Grout Features:
  • Recommended Epoxy Resin Putty.
Available in boxes of 12 tubes.

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Grout Tamper Features:
  • Wooden Handle with Polyethylene Shaft.
  • Used for packing epoxy resin around the sleeve while located inside the drilled hole.
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  • Manufactured in leather and suitable for use with a miner's belt.
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Grade Line Laser Pouch
Grade Line Laser Pouch Features:
  • Manufactured in leather and suitable for use with a miner's belt.
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